What are Outdoor Solar Lights and How Do They Work?

What are Outdoor Solar Lights and How Do They Work

Outdoor Solar Lights have one simple function that is very easy to understand. They convert the light they receive from the sun during the day into electricity to charge an internal battery and when the sun goes down and darkness falls they use the electrical energy stored in the battery to power a light which illuminates the area around it in your yard or garden.


One advantage of outdoor solar lights is that they can be mounted absolutely anywhere so long as the solar panel on the light is in a position where it receives direct sunlight. Sunlight is key here!

Solar lights will not work in the shade because they need to receive the rays of the sun for quite a long time during the day to fully charge their batteries for lighting your yard at night.

The best part though is that once installed they basically give you free lighting when it gets dark outside and you don’t need to run any wiring to it as each individual outdoor solar light is a completely independent stand-alone unit powered by the sun.


Most solar lights for outdoor use are fairly small and are just a few inches in size and as such can be mounted in just about any location to illuminate your garden, yard, patio, deck, pool, driveway or shed.

Some are even self-mounting or on a small post or stake that can be simply pushed into the ground so will only take a minute or so to install. Others will just need a couple of screws to mount then on a taller post or side of your house or garage. They are extremely versatile in the way they can be used and what they can illuminate.

What is available?

Typically solar lights for outdoor use in your yard or garden will come as an outdoor solar light set containing 4, 6 or more identical solar light units. They are also very affordable when bought in a set like this.

Outdoor solar lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes and tries to cater to everyone’s taste and preferences so that when installed it fits in with the local landscape or garden décor.
Whether it’s black, white, stainless steel, wood effect or any other material or colour and whatever use you need it for, such as a deck, path, driveway, pond, shed, address marker or any other speciality then you are going to find that it’s available.

So if you are a solar light buyer you will definitely find what you want and today you won’t have to pay too much to get it.

Do your research to find the best outdoor solar lights for your needs. You are sure to find everything you want!

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