How to get Different Lighting Effects with Solar Garden Lights

How to get Different Lighting Effects with Solar Garden Lights

You really can do a lot with solar lights when you put them outside to illuminate any part of your yard or landscaping.

It is very easy to create different effects with colours, shadows, textures, silhouettes and accents in many different ways that are simple to implement and which will enhance your home and what is around it. And it’s great fun too!

Outdoor solar lights can be used in so many different ways that the only limit is what you can achieve with them is your imagination. But to help you get started with your solar lighting project here are just some of the things you could do.

Accent Lighting

Use solar spotlights or spread lighting to highlight or focus light onto a specific object such as a tree or other foliage or perhaps a statue to enhance its position in your landscaping. The contrast between the dark background behind the well-lit object will make it stand out.


You can silhouette any object in your yards such as trees or other structures by shining the beam from solar spotlights or floodlights to illuminate the area directly behind the object of interest.

Shadow Effects

You can create a great shadowing effect by situating a solar outdoor light low down at ground level below an object so that it’s shadow can bee seen on a surface behind such as a wall or the side of a house. You can use solar floodlights or spotlights to do this, but they will need to be the type mounted on a stake or small post to allow you install them easily.

Route Lighting

This is a very useful and often used application for outdoor solar lights, and it has some very practical advantages. You place lights along a route that you use for walking or driving along and highlight where it is by placing ground level solar lights along one or both sides of the path. This is especially useful for walkers at night and enables them to see where they are going in areas that previously might have been totally in darkness. It looks good too!

Other Lighting Effects

You can also use outdoor solar lighting for down-lighting, where a solar light mounted high up can shine down through trees to create a soft dappled effect. The opposite effect called up-lighting can be used with low-level solar lighting to shine upwards to highlight something that is situated at a higher level.

Many other illumination effects are possible with solar garden lights, and you should experiment to get the result that you want.

Don’t just use any solar light but make sure you spend some time to find the best outdoor solar lights for your unique illuminating project. Good Luck!

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