Best Outdoor Solar Deck Lights

Are you going to conduct party on your deck? So, want to decorate your deck? If like so, then solar deck lights are the best choice for you to use multiple purposes and to decorate various areas of your home. So many homeowners with deck started to use the solar lights because this is a cost-effective option for one and all. The greatest advantage of using solar lights is cost savings and it doesn’t require electric power and connection socket.

Over the past few years, the availability of solar-powered light is increased and there are so many options available in the solar deck lights. Therefore, you will get various styles and capabilities on the solar deck lights. And, the solar lighting is the best choice for illuminating your deck, patio, garden, walkway and other areas of your home. In addition to that, this does not only create a warm ambiance and enhances the outer appearance, but also make sure safety and security. So, here we will know how it works and things to consider while choosing the solar lamp.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Solar Deck Lights

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How Do Solar Deck Lights work?

When it comes to the working principle of solar deck lights, you need to recall how the satellite is worked. This is because the working of solar deck light is same as like as the operation of the satellite. The basic concept of solar light is storing the energy of sun during the daytime and releasing the stored energy as lights at the night time. In order to collect and store sun’s energy, it uses solar cells. Apart from that, it also includes NiCad battery, control panel, LED light and so on.

When the sunlight is heavy, solar cells are charge up the battery that is connected with the cells using wire. There is a photoresistor alert system in the solar panel that gives an alert signal, but this is pre-programmed by every homeowner. During the night time, the battery is powered and lights up. Some kind of solar deck lights is also made with motion sensors for safety and security.

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Things To Consider When Buying Solar Deck Lights:

If you’re planning to decorate the outside of your home, then solar powered lights are an ideal choice for you. With this option, you no need to worry about the expenses of lighting decoration for electric power. This is the reason why most of the people to use solar lights. When you look solar deck lights, you will end up with plenty of options and those solar lights are available in various styles and types. So, prior to playing for the solar deck lights, you need to decide which the best lamp for your home is.

But, don’t worry; here are some of the things that you need to consider when buying solar deck lights. Those things help you to pick the best option from the several available options.

  1. Style of solar lamps

The technology of solar light is improved continually and a lot of new models are revealed on the easy year. Nowadays, the solar lamps are made to glow and brighten the area more than 12 times compared with previous versions. Yes, that much range of technology is developed in these days. At the same time, the solar LED lights are available in various styles that help to decorate different areas of your home.

In addition to that, it also includes fixtures with ground stakes that greatly distinguishes the walkway of a patio. When it comes to the festive string lights, it is available in many colors and materials. So, you will surely get a fun and warm atmosphere in your deck with the solar light settings.

  1. Type of solar lights

We all know that there are different types of solar lights available on the market, but you know, even for solar deck lights, you will see many types such as flood lights, security lights, spotlights, lamp posts and walkway lights. From these different types of solar lights, you need to decide which type you need for your deck. However, each type of solar lights has its own features and also made for various purposes. So, based on the purposes, you have to pick one that suits perfectly.

For example, the walkway solar lights are mainly used in the garden to get more than one benefits. Most of the manufacturer of solar lights for walkway made with stakes that help you to secure the lights when the stakes are near to ground level.

  1. Weather resistant

You’re going to use solar lights on the outside of the home on patio or deck right!! So, it should need to check for weather resistant, so that it can work on the climates even on raining and snow. There is a lot of chance for your solar panel to get affected by moisture and different weather condition causes various problems on the panel. So, the solar panel that is made with weather resistant is good to use and to get rid of problems associated with it.

  1. Recharge time

When you buy low-quality solar deck lights, you will get only less effectiveness, which means you will get a solar panel that consumes more time to charging up. Some panel takes more time to charge up and gives only less power to light up. But, still, some solar lights consumes less time to charge such as less than 5 hours and works well for more than 8 hours. So, buying a lamp with better recharge time prevents your worry about climates changes or fewer sun lights.

  1. Quality of solar panel

Buying a solar deck light is also a kind of investment, so you need to pick the high-quality solar panel to get a better lifetime. Because of various weather conditions, there are chances to broken up the solar panel. To avoid this problem and save your money, you have to find a solar panel that is made of shield cover.

These are the things that you need to consider when buying the solar deck lights to ensure the best buy.

Top 8 Best Outdoor Solar Deck Lights Reviews:

With the plenty of options available on the market, one and all buyer of solar lights should get confused. No worries, here we will discuss some of the best products recommended by most of the customers in a detailed manner to pick anyone.

1.   URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

You can use this sensor solar light in your deck, garden, patio, porch and like other areas. This is weatherproof and as well as heatproof lights, it should stand to all the conditions of weather. During the day time, this solar light automatically switches off to save energy and during the night time, it uses energy brighten the area.

This solar sensor light takes only less for charging such as 6 to 8 hours, which is a short time than other sensor lights, so this is an ideal choice for the winter season.

Key features:

Some of the key features of this sensor light are as follows:

  1. Easy to install

It is very easy to install this sensor light in your deck with no wire, but it is powered by solar energy.

  1. Automated switch

This device automatically turns on the sensor at the night time to brighten up and automatically switch off during the morning time.

  1. Larger sensor

This LED sensor light includes a larger sensor that ranges up to 10 feet with 120 degrees of sensing angle. Apart from that, it is also water and heat proof, so suits for all weathers.


2.   BAXIA Outdoor Waterproof Motion Sensor Solar Deck Security Lights – 12 LEDs (4-pack)

If you want to buy a solar sensor light for your deck with advanced feature such as auto on and off facilities, then Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 12 LEDs Wall Light is an excellent choice for you. This is because it automatically gets on during the night time and switched off in the daytime.

This is a wireless solar panel, so you can hang it on any surface where you to need. At the same time, it doesn’t require tools to install and also can carry from place to place easily.

Key features:

Here is a list of features of this sensor lights for you to know.

  1. Every savings

This sensor solar panel is recharged by the sunlight for overnight, which are PET/EVA polycrystalline solar panels.

  1. Integrated design

The PIR motion sensor and light sensor used on this device are integrated, so you can also use this device for security purposes too.

  1. Better brightness

Its 120 lumens output is as much brighter than you imagine and you will see no complaints with the brightness of this device.


3.   RedSun Retro 6 LED Solar Powered Outdoor Deck Light (6 Pack)

If you’re planned to conduct a party in your garden during the night time, then garden path lamp is very important for safety and security. The Solar Powered Wall Light ,6 Pack Solar 6 LED Light Wall Mount Garden Path Lamp gives your expected safety and as well as decorates your deck too.

At the same time, this outdoor solar lighting perfect for getting accent look of lightening on your patio or deck. So, you no need to scarify with your needs of accent look of your garden path.

Key features:

The key features of this sensor light are as follows for you to know.

  1. Easy to install

It is very easy to attach this outdoor solar lantern to an outdoor wall, deck rail, step, fence post or other areas.

  1. No wire

There is no wire is needed to install this solar panel on the deck and it takes up to 8 hours for charging up.

  1. Safety

This device is made with CE and ROHS certification, so you no need to worry about safety and guarantee features, because it gives up to 10000 hours of lifetime.


4.   Solar Fence Post Lights OTHWAY Wall Mount Decorative Deck Lighting White

This solar fence post light is designed well to decorate your deck way and its great design uses honeycomb type cut in the plastic cover. The solar fence post is available at an affordable price, so anyone can able to buy this light.

In addition to that, it also contains a built-in sensor and automated switch that lights on automatically at night time and goes off at the day time.

Key features:

A list of features of this solar fence post lights are as follows:

  1. Durable plastic:

This is waterproof and heatproof, so it can withstand in all the weather conditions and as well as works well even on the wind, rain and snow.

  1. Easy to install

It is very easy to install this device on your deck because there are no confusions with wire. So, you can do this in less than a minute.

  1. Satisfaction guarantee

This brand of solar deck lights is packed with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you no need to worry about the quality.

  1. Great design

Its great design makes it perfect for all types of deck or garden with way.


5.   Solar Lights for Decks – Waterproof LED Lamp (6 Pack) [Warm Light]

This solar stair light is fantastic for decorating and lighting up the area you want. It can be easily mounted on the staircases, paths, decks, paths and so on. The battery used on the solar lights enables the light to run up to 9 hours and it automatically recharges during the day time and switches off at the night time.

So, you no need to do anything on switch on and off for the day and night time. This kind of LEDs is more durable than the conventional glass lights bulbs.

Key features:

If you want to know more about this solar light, then here are some of the features.

  1. Automatic on and off

This device is automatically on and off the solar deck lights based on the day and night time. In addition to that, this is available in warm white color, so it should be cozier.

  1. Mounting position

Based on the position of the stairs, paths, fence posts, walls, it is mounted vertically or flatly. However, this is perfect for areas where electrical supply is not available.

  1. Recharge time

This is powered by the sun and charged through monocrystalline silicon solar panels, so it takes 4.5 hours for charging and gives 9 hours of lighting.


6.   Set of 4 Super Bright Round Brown Security Solar

This set of 4 super bright round security solar is now available with the improved solar panel, sturdier cover, upgraded switch, and like more. This is an ideal choice for front and back yard to illuminate the pathway or adding an extra glow to the outside space.

This new and improved model is made with upgraded with automatic on and off switch, LED board, and solar panel.

Key features:

Some of the key features of this solar deck lights are as follows:

  1. Heavy duty plastic solar

This is designed with a set of 4 weatherproof heavy duty solar fence lights and it also includes 2 warm white LEDs inside.

  1. Rechargeable battery

It includes a new solar panel for the faster charge that lasts for longer and it has NiCD 300mAh rechargeable battery per lantern.

  1. Two grooves

There are 2 grooves behind the each light for easy installation and you can also get mounting screws.

  1. Automatic switches

It automatically switches from on to off and vice versa, based on the day and night. So, you no need to check the state of switch regularly.


7.   Pack of 8 Copper Finish Solar Deck Lights Sogrand Solar Lights

This is perfect solar path step lights for illuminating pathways, sidewalk, driveways, and other areas of your home. It is very important to buy a high-quality solar panel so that you will get a better lifetime. But, you no need to worry about this factor, because this is made with high-quality copper finishes and bright LED.

If you want to buy a high quality, excellently designed and affordable priced solar lights, then this is an ideal choice for you.

Key features:

Below are some of the features of this solar lamp for you to know the reasons for buying this product.

  1. Weatherproof

This is designed to weatherproof, so it withstands even on the heavy rain, sunrays, and snow. So, you will get money worthy product for your home.

  1. Brilliant beauty

This is made with an excellent beauty especially for outside lighting and walkway, but available only for a reasonable price.

  1. Easy to assemble

In order to assemble this solar deck lights, it doesn’t require wires. But, instead of the wire connection and electric power, it uses a rechargeable battery.


8.   Amir Solar Powered String Lights for Decks

These string lights are available in 33 ft high-quality copper wire, and it also makes a steady 360-degree viewing angle. So, this is the ideal choice for decorating your gardens, patio, deck, yards and so on.

Key features:

Keep continue your reading of this section to find some key features of this string lights.

  1. 2 Switch buttons

There are 2 switch buttons for auto power on and off and mode for steady on and flashing. So, simply click on the button to change from one mode to another.

  1. Water resistant

Both the string lights and the solar panel are IP65 waterproof, so you can use this even on the rainy days too.

  1. Easy to install

Its flexible copper wiring can easily make the shape you want and can wrap around any objects very quickly.


Final Verdict:

After reading buying guide about the best solar deck lights, I hope, you should get some ideas to choose the best product by considering the most important things. The listed products of solar lights in this section are best and as well as suggested by many users. So, if you’re not clear with the things to consider, then simply pick anyone of the product enclosed in this guide. Thus, decorate your deck with cost effective idea and enjoy your evenings and nights in your deck.

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